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IATAN Accreditation

ABC Travel is IATAN Accredited
But not all travel agents or agencies have proved themselves worthy of IATAN Accreditation.  Many of our clients ask why IATAN accreditation is important.

To start, you may ask yourself – What does it mean to be accredited by the IATA?

IATAN is the link for US based travel agencies to the rest of the world and is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Through IATAN’s relationship with the parent company, the accredited travel agencies become part of the global community of travel agencies, with no effort or expense (other than the membership fees to acquire and maintain) on their part.

IATAN accredits two distinctive types of travel agencies – Airline Appointed Agencies holding ticket stock or capable of e-ticketing and all other categories of travel agencies called Travel Sales Intermediary (TSI) Agencies. Essential to both programs is a set of objective, but appropriate business standards that travel agencies wishing IATAN’s accreditation must meet.