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YTB Travel, “It’s a phenomenon!”…or is it?

October 15, 2008 by  
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I have been approached by many people asking about the new YTB online travel business, and have been given business cards with web addresses that take me to the same “canned“ website, so I decided to do some research to determine exactly what this YTB (“Your-Travel- Business”) is all about.

Anyone, with no training, no experience, no collateral and no knowledge of the travel business can join, and become a seller of travel by simply paying a one time fee of approximately $500, and about $50 a month to have the very same website – branded with the agency name of their own choosing. They then become “RTAs,” and receive financial bonuses for recruiting their family & friends to buy the website. The very founders of YTB have absolutely no background in the travel business, but previously were in financial services and real estate.

IATAN-the International Airlines Travel Agent Network, the “Global Recognition for Professional Travel Agencies,” has cut all ties with YTB.

The Travel Agency Commissioner found that the “Referring Travel Agents” recruited by YTB, and to whom YTB gave credentials, were “third parties” over whom YTB had no control.

California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown, Jr. recently sued YourTravel- for operating a gigantic pyramid scheme that recruited tens of thousands of members. Their deceptive claims that members could earn huge sums of money through the online Travel Agencies are untrue. A second class action suit, a near duplicate of the first, was filed in Southern Illinois where YTB is headquartered, with others expected to follow.

Many of you have been solicited to join this program, or have tried to use one of these websites, and some of you are even under the impression that we are in some way associated with “YTB.” Let me assure you that we are not, and never will be, associated with YTB. If you see a sign, or are given a business card that sounds anything like…“My Family Getaways,” …”Travel with the family of ____,” or (strange as it sounds) “Dick & Jane’s Travel”…beware!

A phenomenon? Or, is it quite simply a “pyramid” approach to making money? Are these “RTAs” recruiters for YTB, or Travel Agents? You decide.


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